There's a lot to learn when you decide to buy a home! I am committed to providing my clients with useful, relevant information that will help make the home buying experience less stressful & more empowering! This page is where I've compiled all of the very detailed information that you need to dive into in order to understand the home buying journey from getting preapproved for a loan to submitting an offer to understanding the contract & what happens once you have an executed purchase agreement. It's important to work through each step so start with the intro video & then work through the info in Step 1-3.

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Whether you are Buying or Selling real estate, you need to make sure that you're educated about the process from getting started to what it takes to get to the closing table. You need to be educated about what’s going on in the current real estate market and where it’s headed--not what you hear from headlines or your well intentioned but mis-informed Uncle, but from an expert that studies the data every day and who’s actually working with buyers and sellers on a daily basis. You need to make sure that you're aligned with the real estate partner that provides you with all of the resources that you need because when people get good education and reliable information they make better decisions.

With nearly ten years of experience and hundreds of homes sold throughout Rhode Island, I have worked tirelessly to establish the highest standards for my clients. I am the agent you want on your side!

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Understanding Your Loan + Pre-Approval

Knowing the type of loan you need and using a mortgage calculator can help you make informed decisions when financing your property. Don't base your decisions on opinions or beliefs - rely on the facts.

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Submitting an Offer

​When you’re ready to submit an offer on a house you need to understand the process & what info we need to provide in the offer. You also need to understand the strategies to submit a WINNING offer.

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Under Contract to Purchase

Submitting a winning offer and having it accepted with an executed purchase agreement is a major milestone in the home buying process, and I am there for you all the time supporting!

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Selling your home or relocating can be daunting, but my virtual video series is designed to make it easier, no matter where you are. With expert guidance and a proven track record, I offer comprehensive strategies and personalized support to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Whether you're moving locally or from across the country, my access to the broad network at eXp Realty connects you with top professionals in any location. Let me help you navigate the home selling process with confidence and ease.

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