Hi there, it's Jess Powers! Have you ever wished for a trusted partner in the sometimes solitary world of real estate? Whether it's sharing grand ideas or seeking recommendations for the best affiliates, your search ends here with eXp Realty, a fresh approach to real estate.

At eXp, we see your competitors as collaborators, where doors are opened instead of closed. Here, when you need assistance, it's freely given with no strings attached. Reflecting on my journey, I remember veteran agents concealing their screens, a sign of the old guard mentality. But times have changed, and we embrace an abundance mindset. I firmly believe that business thrives when we're generous with our knowledge.

My mission is to help you flourish. I appreciate your willingness to explore how partnering with me can elevate your business. Welcome to a community where growth is a shared journey, and together, we'll build something remarkable for your real estate career.

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access to top producer trainings

access to top producer trainings

With our team you will have access to more than 96 one-hour classes with top experts like Dan Beer, Kyle Whissel, and Fast Forward leaders, with a new class every week that you can participate in! In addition to the mastermind, there's also a Master Class that covers topics like pop-by marketing, budget-friendly marketing, home evaluations, objection handling, & more!

access operational & agent attraction trainings

access operational & agent attraction trainings

Who you partner with matters! With our team you can elevate your business operations with 24 hours of operations mastermind classes, with new additions every week. We also have the top agent attraction leaders in our network. Learn the art of agent attraction with 17 courses led by experts Jon Pugh and Mayur Thakarar, plus new classes every two weeks.

Mentoring & Personalized business development and coaching

Mentoring & Personalized business development and coaching

When you join me, you'll get personalized 1-on-1 coaching and multiple group coaching opportunities every week. You will have access all of my marketing templates, YT and Social Media scripts and tools. You'll be joining a community of like-minded, highly independent, intelligent, and driven agents. Whenever you need assistance or advice, our support network is here to help you not just succeed but thrive in the real estate market.

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