Beyond the Obvious: What Really Matters When Buying a Home

What really matters when buying a home? Buying a home is a thrilling journey, but it’s not just about the price tag. There’s a world of considerations beyond dollars that can significantly impact your satisfaction in the long run. Let’s dive into these often-overlooked factors that play a pivotal role in making your new house a true home.

Unveiling Hidden Gems Beyond Price:

  1. Location, Location, Location: You’ve heard this before but did you really consider what it means? Proximity to work, schools, and community amenities can shape your daily life in unexpected ways. Your first home likely won’t be your forever home so while you may not care about the school system (or other factors relating to the location) the fact remains that areas with higher ranked schools have higher property values. Consider the resale value and how the location will have an impact.
  2. Future Growth Potential: Research the neighborhood’s development plans. Will new infrastructures enhance or disrupt your living experience? Perhaps you are buying a home that has open space behind it—is that property in a land trust? Could it potentially be developed down the road? Will your current view of (insert: lake, river, ocean, park, etc) be impacted by any future developments? Conversely, is the neighborhood experiencing a revival that may significantly increase the value over time? I purchased my first multi family property on the West End of Providence, right when it was really coming around and my property value significantly increased in a relatively short time.
  3. Noise Levels and Surroundings: Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of the City or do you prefer more peaceful surroundings? Does the neighbor have a dog that barks incessantly (been there–it was terrible). Living next to a restaurant or bar can be great but what about the noise, late night traffic, the smell of the dumpster wafting into your bedroom (been there–also terrible). Before you invest your life savings into a property you need to do your research! Visit the neighborhood at different times of the day. Talk to the neighbors.
  4. Resale Value: While your forever home is the eventual goal, chances are your first home isn’t forever–even if you love it circumstances in life can change. Resale value is crucial to keep in mind which is why it’s been part of each point I’ve made.

Success Story: Seeing Beyond the Obvious

Meet Alex and Rachel, a couple excitedly house-hunting. Initially drawn to a house due to its affordable price, they seemed ready to commit. But, as their real estate agent, I encouraged them to consider their long-term vision. Delving into the community’s development plans, we discovered an upcoming commercial center that would significantly impact their surroundings. By pausing to consider the bigger picture, they made an informed decision to explore other options. Today, they’re grateful for a home that not only fits their budget but promises a peaceful, thriving environment for years to come. Long story short, they would have hated living in the other location.

When buying a home, the story goes far beyond the initial price. By delving into these often-ignored factors, you’re empowered to make an investment that truly aligns with your dreams and lifestyle. As your real estate partner, I’m committed to guiding you toward a decision that encompasses all these vital considerations. Ready to embark on a journey of informed choices? Let’s navigate beyond the obvious and craft a story that truly feels like home.